Monday, February 7, 2005

Question of Survival

In between last few days, I was unable to write anything. A few important things happened during the time:

Since, February 3 night, the army stationed at the newspapers offices and FM stations have been removed. FMs have been banned to run news based program whereas newspapers are warned not to publish anything against. However, the scenario is a little changing – there are news about problems created by lack of telecommunication and news about Pokhara shooting with quotes from Deepak Gurung, the spokesperson of the Royal Nepalese Army.

  • Samay weekly gets published on Sunday – two days late because of heavy Army censoring, according to my friends in the newsmagazine. Despite that, the magazine is critical and is most-sought after for its balanced coverage on the issue.
  • Telephones are now available for longer times, for me whole day both incoming and outgoing for some others only incoming. But not ISD and no Internet.
  • Most sadly, the newspapers have thinned and are now talking about lay-off requirement to survive the period unknown. We are already talking about looking for new job. The question of surviving the direct rule of the press has been most pressing question and didn’t look good for the journalists. However, we all are as our newspapers are following ‘wait and see’ strategy for two months more. The news staff at FM Stations are already feeling the heat.

Foreign media went Pokhara to report hostel shooting incident and found out that at least two have been hit on thigh and undergoing treatment while 66 arrested were beaten badly and thrown to trenches for around 14 hours without water and food. However, they reported no casualty.

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