Saturday, February 5, 2005

Changing Consciences

Many people I met on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning were slightly in support of the King’s move saying that there was no alternative in such a deteriorating situation. But the three-day information isolation has changed many of their thoughts and now they have started doubting the King’s said intention. They are probably questioning themselves why the King needs to cut all the communication lines and close down the information channels if his motives are of good omen.

The Kathmandu Post began a new way to protest silently –writing editorial on a ‘very very light issue’ - ‘Appreciating Good Weather’ on sunny day. Kantipur is also following somehow same – has wrote editorials on protecting archeological sites and development of archery game.

All the Indian news channels have been banned since yesterday and the BBC Nepali Service is cut off thus our only news sources are gossips and BBC/CNN which gives quite less priority of our news as many things of the their interest are happening (like Sudan genocide debate, Oil-for-Food program corruption report, Israel and Palestine and Dennis Rumsfeld saying he twice submitted his resignation).

Today’s papers are not mention worthy. I was looking for a Nepali newsmagazine Samay due to publish today because yesterday I heard that they have strong material But it wasn’t in the market. I suspect they have been seized.

Early morning the state-news service said quoted ministry for communication and information saying that the telephone and internet would be back in 15 days. (But there is widespread speculation that the pre-paid mobile service would be closed and that only limited number of telephones will be open). We are going back to 15th century, no doubt.

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