Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Democracy Day Planners Elude Capture - For Now

The media are slowly opening up and today's newspapers confirmed it. Read a blog here about it.

The leader of Nepal's biggest political party GP Koirala has appealed for the protest, non-violent and peaceful, from Feb 18. And he has also admitted the mistake of political parties including his for the situation. That thing could be good for the future of the country.

I asked a leader of Nepali Congress’ sister-organization about reaction to the appeal and he told me that they had met today in secret place and decided to start peaceful protest from Feb 18 as appealed. They also agreed not to easily let security personnel capture them as used to be in recent past and continue staging protests at various levels. The student union is also talking to other seven student organizations for unity in the protest.

So for now, it looks like Feb 18, the democracy day, is going to be a big day but what form it will take is hard to tell.

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