Saturday, February 26, 2005

King Missing His Aid Money

The international aid-cut is showing the effect. The King today invited editors of national dailies along with editors of and for tea at the palace and told them that 'he wants his friends (the donor countries) to understand his resolve.'

Bagirath Yogi of was first to publish the report. He wrote: "In the first-ever interaction with a select group of Nepali media at the Narayanhiti royal palace Thursday afternoon, His Majesty King Gyanendra said when we are fighting for democracy and against terrorism, Nepali people want to know what our friends are thinking. We want our friends to help us by word of mouth and by deed. If that is not the agenda they want to go along, then they should tell us what their agenda is, the King said."

So his agenda was terrorism and with terrorism as a stick he wants to walk along the other leaders of the world. What an excuse for dismissing democracy? Terrorism seems to be an unique tool for US support.

The King also asked the donors to clarify their message - what they want to say with the aid-cut? Isn't it clear: they want democracy back in Nepal and the king under constitution. “Are they telling us that we should not fight against terrorism, that we should put our democracy into jeopardy?” The king asked. One may ask: where is democracy in Nepal?

“When we have chosen to uphold democracy and fight against terrorism, why are they shying away from helping us? I can see one thing clearly emerging out of it. Our objectives are the same. We are going to meet somewhere. But we have chosen may be different paths in attaining that objective,” he added. I firmly believe he should stop saying we and start telling I. And the path the king has chosen to end terrorism not only would worsen the situation.

“They must say what they must say and we must do what we must do,” the king's expression not only say he is stubborn to his decision but also that he is ready to put Nepal into more troblu by walking alone if he didn't get support. He also asked political parties to come up with clear vision against terrorism.

So, at least for now, the King is seeing that the water is not moving his way. Rather its the other way and now he is a bit little worried (that's a good sign for people like us who want him to return democracy.) More international dissatisfaction will bring him down the stream and that may save Nepal from lots of trouble

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