Saturday, February 19, 2005

King Cuts Phones & Internet Again; Democracy Day Protest Collapses

Democracy Takes A Beating in Nepal
(copyright Radio Free Nepal; if you wish to display this photo you must put a credit/link to Radio Free Nepal)

Posts to this site are again impossible as the King has cut phone service throughout Nepal in the hopes of curbing protests scheduled for February 18th, Democracy Day, in Nepal.

UPDATE: only outgoing from Kathmandu Valley, incoming service was okay

The King of Nepal cut telephone lines in and out of the country today in an attempt to squash potential protests against the monarch. In an interview, he said he took control at the beginning of this month to protect the constitutional monarchy for democracy and avoid political instability. Political analysts say the military and police are staunch supporters of the king and masterminded the takeover. Maoist rebels have been struggling since 1996 to establish communist rule. More than 11-thousand people have been killed in the related violence. Yet, the Maoists have considerable popular support in some regions of the country. In other regions, people say they are fed up with corruption and instability and support the king.

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