Tuesday, February 22, 2005

King Blocks Web Sites in Nepal

The King is catching on to the Internet. How long until Radio Free Nepal is blocked by the King?

So far these two sites are confirmed as blocked:

(with headlines blocked by King today)

Nepal-India: A story of wasted opportunities: Pandey, Feb 22/05
Swiss projects come to a halt, WI, Feb 22/05
Cartoonist Kalashnikov on target, IANS, Feb 22/05
12 Maoists killed in Sindhuli, Feb 22/05
FM Pandey confident of international support, NK, Feb 22/05
India must take the lead on Nepal: US, Sify, Feb 22/05


News sites in Nepali language; to view Nepali correctly set your encoding to user defined. Download Nepali Fonts for PC. For MAC, Click here

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